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Take your traditional classroom and bring it online. Offer your students videolectures, in-video quizzes, grades, social learning and more.

ClassroomTV surpassed all the hurdles we had to teach and reach all the students that were interested in taking classes in different knowledge areas.

β€” Alejandra Ávila

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Best Practices Coaching

Project Plan and Learning Objectives

Instructional Design

Scripting and Video Directing

Content Curation and Reviews

Systems Integration

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Robust Analytics

Evaluate statistics measured in your courses and the performance of your users. View questions asked in classes, test attempts by your users, and class attendance with progress percentages in concepts. Make real progress.

Easy Course Creation

Structure your course in a syllabus. Easily add classes to your course: simply upload your video or import it from Youtube, then add tests, video concepts, slides, and other extra course materials.

Flexibility and Accessibility

We are interested in supporting the most engaging online learning experience. Our platform is compatible with every modern browser and most mobile devices based on HTML5.

Intuitive Learning Paths

With our technology, institutions can easily organize their content and guide their users effectively throughout the learning process.

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